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Elwood - 2003




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The brief was to develop an existing dwelling on a large block into a 5 bedroom home, subdivide the block and construct a new home for a second family at the rear of the block (addressing the Elwood Canal), gardens to be low maintenance, drought resistant & food producing. The challenge was to allow each home a feeling of both space and privacy, indoors and out.
The original house was positioned in the centre of the block. In order to allow access to the new rear dwelling, it was pushed 2 metres across the block.
Here it is, the move complete.
Permeable concrete delivers rain water straight to the subsoil making it available to adjacent garden.
The rear of the original house was altered to provide a large familyroom opening to the courtyard. Grapevines on the pergola provide summer shade and extra privacy to this northern terrace during summer.



Green Living Acreditation   Link to Master Builders Association of Victoria